If you’re thinking about buying a corset or recently purchased one- that’s great. You’ll have a lot of fun wearing this shapewear garment. Not just because of the slimming effect it’ll have on your figure, but it can also be stylish when worn as part of an outfit. You’ll not only get an hourglass figure, but you’ll also make a fashion statement.

Escante Tanner Chocolate Midriff Corset

Here are five ways to wear an overbust or underbust corset:

1. If it’s a warm enough day and you’re bold enough, wear your overbust corset as a top. This of course wouldn’t work with an underbust corset, unless it’s for naughty bedroom wear. Overbust corsets with or without straps look great when paired with nice fitting jeans. This is especially true of leather corsets.

2. Wear a leather jacket over a lacy corset and you’ll have a sexy date outfit. You’ll get the flirty, shapely look you want while your arms are still covered by the jacket. Wear the jacket open. Jeans or a denim skirt works well with this outfit.

3. You can wear an overbust or underbust corset over a blouse or fitted top. The top should be a light material so that you can comfortably breath in your outfit. The top you choose should also complement the style of your shapewear garment. Pleasant tops are a great option to pair with a cotton or leather corset.

4. A corset will also look great over a dress with a smooth silhouette. This garment brings a flirty interest to a basic cotton dress and acts as a centerpiece outfit accessory while highlighting your hourglass figure shape.

5. Of course the last (and common) way to wear a corset is under your clothing as a body shaper. You can also wear it around the house. Your man will appreciate the look of your cinched waist when you remove your clothing. If you’re planning to wear it during intimacy, wear your garment with a garter belt and stockings to complete your bedroom outfit.

If you’re ready to plan your own stylish outfit, you can purchase the Escante Tanner Chocolate Midriff Corset shown above.